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Speculating in the gem market

Amanda Dean

What do you get when you mix up a whole bunch of useless green gems? On the Public Test Realm you get Brilliant Glass. The most recent patch 2.4 notes state "A new jewelcrafting recipe has been added to transform many green quality gems into a single random blue quality gem. This recipe is available from grandmaster jewelcrafting trainers." Good news for those of us with stacks of semi-useless uncut green gems.

MMO champion posted more information. Brilliant Glass is created using three Azure Moonstones, three Blood Garnets, three Deep Peridots, three Flame Spessarite, three Golden Draenite, and three Shadow Draenite. The product, Brilliant Glass, can then be opened for the promised superior-quality gem. Bratac of Antonidas stated in the official forum that he created brilliant glass nine times and was rewarded with four Nightseyes, two Stars of Elune, two Dawnstones, and one Noble Topaz.

It will be interesting to see how this change affects the market for gems of various quality. I usually vendor my green gems since the auction house price is usually about the same as the vendor price for the same item. The rules of supply and demand suggest that making green-quality gems useful will increase their price. Similarly, and increase in the supply of blue-quality gems will likely lower their prices. This change will probably affect both cut and uncut gems.
Granted it will take a total of eighteen crummy gems to make one decent one, I think this recipe is going to be a hit. I know I will be saving my green gems in hopes that sometime soon, they might actually be worth something.

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