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Verizon runs into short supply on Sharp LCD offer

Steven Kim

Good news / bad news here, folks. First, the good: HD is seeing some impressive uptake amongst everyday consumers. Now the bad: there are isolated shortages of the associated gear. Verizon's FiOS has already been bitten by set-top box shortages, and now is a victim of its own successful promotional offer that promised 19-inch Sharp Aquos LCD TVs to new "triple-play" (internet, video and phone) subscribers. Those LCD TVs are a little short in supply, so affected customers can choose to either wait an additional five weeks for their TV, substitute a Magnavox (used in later promotions) set or take a $200 Best Buy gift card. Our advice -- wait on the Sharp. Meanwhile, let's hope that there's some way Verizon can coordinate the set-top box and TV shortages -- nothing is more frustrating than having new HD service but being stuck with an old SD set!

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