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X3F Live: Maybe Next Time Buddy

Dustin Burg

I've put it off for way too long, I've procrastinated a bit too much, but tonight I'm going for it. With your help of course. Tonight at 9:30PM eastern (6:30PM pacific) I hope you'll join me as I make my way onto Xbox Live, play some Rumble Pit Halo 3 and finally try and earn my final Halo 3 achievement ... Maybe Next Time Buddy.

I'll need a few dedicated fanboys to join me in my adventure as we'll veto our way through Rumble Pit in an effort to get a vehicle equipped multiplayer map to appear (I believe Snowbound is the only option). It'll be rough as one cannot be sure when the correct map will appear, but we'll be diligent in our quest for Maybe Next Time Buddy glory. Shoot me a friend request (SuperDunners) and hop into my Halo 3 party tonight at 9:30PM eastern when this Maybe Next Time Buddy edition of X3F Live goes down.

Also, due to there being only one of me and only seven five other slots in the Rumble Pit party, we could possibly setup other Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement parties. If you're interested in hosting a Rumble Pit match whose goal is to earn this coveted Halo 3 achievement, simply comment below with your Gamertag, what time you'll be hosting and I'll update this post with the information. We'll make this the biggest, baddest and most successful Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement unlocking night EVAR! W00t!

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