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AV123 launches x-statik speakers

Steven Kim

Two internet-centric speaker companies, AV123 and GR Research, teamed up in designing AV123's new x-statik speakers. We admit we're intrigued by these new speakers for two reasons: like EHD, AV123 exists thanks to the interwebs; and these speakers remind us of some open-baffle Dahlquist speakers we loved back in the day. That aside, though, AV123 has a strong reputation for great value amongst internet audiophiles, so if you're in the market for some speakers, put these on your audition list. The manufacturer claims the two 6.5-inch drivers at the bottom produce honest bass (-3dB) down to 65Hz, and the other two work with the 1-inch tweeter to yield smooth (+/- 2dB) response out to 20kHz. What, no 20Hz figure? Yeah -- we said "honest" bass, and besides, don't you have a subwoofer for the low notes? If you're ready to put up $699 to start your in-home trial you'll have to wait, though -- looks like these are already on backorder.

[Via AudioJunkies]

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