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Check out our new gallery system


Well folks, the improvement train has unloaded its wares at the Wii Fanboy station, providing us with a sweet new gallery system. If you read Joystiq, then this will be one of the oldest and dustiest hats you've ever seen (or worn, for that matter), as they've had this system in place for quite some time now. But hey, it's new to us and we're happy to dine on the scraps off Joystiq's plate!

So, what's new?
  • As you can see above, you may now comment on individual photos in the gallery
  • You may now view photos in two distinct flavors: low-res and hi-res, allowing those of you with teh 56K to cruise around in our galleries and not worry about your computer blowing up
  • We can now add captions on each individual photo in the gallery, allowing us to explain (when needed) what you're looking at and why it's interesting (to us, anyway)
  • The color design of the gallery has also changed to an all-black affair, so hopefully that's better on your eyes than the all-white approach our galleries took before
That about covers it. I've gone ahead and embedded a gallery below for you all to thumb through so you can see how the new gallery system plays out. Hopefully you'll all find it to be as much of an improvement over the last system as we have.


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