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DirecTV's HR21 Pro gets inspected, now available

Darren Murph

Remember that gorgeous new DirecTV HD DVR that stirred the pot at CEDIA last September? Sure enough, said box is finally available to the masses. Of course, it will run you $599 to own, but that's where DBSTalk's first look comes in -- to help you decide, not help you finance it. Those lucky buggers managed to snag one of their very own and test it out, and noted that it came stocked with a 500GB Seagate drive and the same software set as the HR21-200. Also of note, the HDMI socket is v1.2 (with HDCP 1.1), and there's more ports 'round back than you can shake a stick at. Anxious for more? Head on down to the read link for a bevy of snapshots and the full blown review.

[Thanks, Earl]

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