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Recap: X3F Live and Maybe Next Time Buddy

Dustin Burg

We did it guys! It was a huge success! Last night's Maybe Next Time Buddy X3F Live event (where we went on a mission to earn a certain achievement) was an overwhelming success as achievements were unlocked and I personally obtained 1000 Gamerscore in Halo 3. Woohooza! Click your way towards the break to read a detailed account of the event as well as view some screenshots featuring commentary (thanks to our new gallery system) and a crazy cool panorama shot. What are you waiting for guys? Get your click on ...

First, I'd like to thank everyone who offered their help and wanted to join in on the Maybe Next Time Buddy funnery, but couldn't get in. There were only a handful of slots available (like, five) and we sadly couldn't include everyone. But, to be honest, the "event" didn't last all that long. Let me explain.

Remember, to earn the Maybe Next Time achievement we were lucky enough to be able to fill a six person party and unlock it in the Rumble Pit playlist, because this is the ONLY Halo 3 multiplayer achievement that can be earned in a social playlist. All the others must be done in Lone Wolves. So, the only thing stopping us from unlocking this vehicle hijacking achievement was the matchmaking hopper. We were at the mercy of the mystical Halo 3 matchmaking gods, because we had to wait until they gave us a vehicle equipped map (Snowbound or Isolation).

So, it worked like this. Me (SuperDunners), Xav (Snypz), Grotesque1, THE WIDEGUY, ZEBRA NINER and Tha Choopa headed into the Rumble Pit with our fingers crossed in hopes of getting a map featuring a hijackable vehicle. Upon searching, the Halo 3 matchmaking gods dealt us Construct which is very much anti-vehicle, so we unanimously vetoed only to be greeted with a game of Swords on Epitaph. Okay I thought, we expected this. We played our game of Swords and THE WIDEGUY came out on top, getting his last kill by tossing a "lucky grenade" at my feet. Damn lucky grenades. The game ends, The Choopa mysteriously leaves us (he probably had laundry to do or something) and in came soulles warlord to replace the empty seat. Again, we start the Rumble Pit search as I pondered how long it was going to take to get a map that had a vehicle. And just as I was about to start Vegas style wagers to see who could correctly guess how long it would take to get a vehicle map, wouldn't you know up pops Slayer on Isolation. ISOLATION! ISOLATION! ISOLATION! If you aren't familiar, the map Isolation has a Ghost in it which means Maybe Next Time Buddy had decided to come to our party.

After taking a quick breather and easing my excitement (Xav said I got a bit too excited) we all rushed downstairs to hop on the Ghost and earn our Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement. And yes, I'll admit, there was a Spartan-orgy of Ghost hijacking that went on under Isolation. But in the end, it was that easy. It didn't take more than fifteen minutes of being online when we were graced with some Rumble Pit Isolation, Maybe Next Time Buddy achievements and happiness. In a moment of disbelief, we all went our separate ways each proudly wearing our newly earned achievement. I should also quickly mention that Xav then left to go team up with Richard to do a little "Halo 3 language filter achievement achieving" which I must say is quite the enjoyable story. You can read about it over here and learn about the interesting outcome which we obtained proof of. Those silly kids.

So, there you have it. With the help, support and X3F love, you guys helped us earn Maybe Next Time Buddy glory and me a 1000 Gamerscore in Halo 3. Thanks a bazillion! Also, before you go, you should take a look at the X3F Live gallery embedded below starting at the first screenshot. Not only will you find a few sexy Halo 3 screenshots cataloging our achievement journey, but you can also read witty commentary, make your own comments and view a pretty nifty panorama shot I whipped together. Finally, you can download and experience the awesomeness that was the X3F Live Maybe Next Time Buddy event by grabbing the video in my file share. It can be best described as both rather dull and thwacktastic! Again, thanks to everyone for the support as I hope to see you all at a bigger and more accommodating X3F Live event in the near future.

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