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'Steampunk Fantasy' game Edge of Twilight coming to PS3

Jem Alexander

Southpeak Games has announced today that it will be publishing Australian developer Fuzzyeyes Studio's 2009 title Edge of Twilight. Though hitherto relatively unheard of, the game was assumed to be for Xbox 360 and PC only, though the press release sent out today confirms that Edge of Twilight will also be heading to PS3 at the same time. The game's website is open and what little there is seems very intriguing. The idea of a "steampunk fantasy" is not something we've come across very often, but it sounds very promising.

The game is being developed using the Unreal Engine 3 which, six months ago, would have had us worried. Unreal Tournament 3 has since shown us that UE3 games can rock on the PS3 and past tragedies such as Stranglehold and Blacksite can be forgotten. We have to say, we're getting some definite Legacy of Kain vibes off of this one (check out the main character, Raziel Lex). We're sticking Edge of Twilight on our radar and look forward to any updates between now and its release sometime next year.

[Via press release]

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