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Tabula Rasa: State of the Game


If you've been keeping track of the brouhaha surrounding Tabula Rasa over the last few weeks(i.e., fiscal reports, doomsday prophecies, etc.), you know it has been an interesting roller coaster ride. One that extended all the way from Korea to Austin, and back again. Apparently Starr Long, Producer for TR, thought it was time for a "state of the game" address to update everyone.

Now some of you (and you know who you are) who actively cheer for the demise of a game (shame on you) might want to close your eyes. You'll undoubtedly consider this nothing more then damage control and PR spin. But for those of you who actually enjoy playing fun games, take heart.

Obviously NCsoft has poured a lot of money, time and resources into continuing post-launch development of Tabula Rasa. They are in this to make money, not make you happy or you over there sad. So, regardless of the feeble cries from those who make it a hobby of proclaiming the sky is falling, and shouting on street corners that the end is near - this MMO isn't just going to burn up and fade away.

New instances (Sanctus Grotto) and content (Hybrids) have already been added, and continue to be introduced seemingly every few weeks. Personal Armor Units (mechs and mini-vehicles), which will grant players new abilities, are locked and loaded and coming to an AFS base near you soon. A feature called Command Opportunity will allow players to summon an entire squad of upgradeable NPCs to fight for them. Clans will at long last be able to battle over control points, and Flashpoints are missions that start dynamically in a region for players based on certain criteria.

So after hearing all of that... does this still sound like an MMO soon to become a "dead soldier"? Didnt' think so. Read the entire address from Starr for more details.

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