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Today in Joystiq: March 6, 2008

Ross Miller

Check out this impressive piece of woodwork, a Heavenly Sword replica sword that reportedly took a trimester to make (via PS3 Fanboy). Check out the highlights for today:

First impressions: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Metareview -- Army of Two (Xbox 360, PS3)
X3F Week in Review: February 29, 2008 - March 6, 2008

Condemned 2 Xbox Live achievements detailed
Sims 3 teaser posted, more info coming March 19
Survival horror puzzler LIT coming to WiiWare
Rockstar working 'around the clock' to quell 360's Bully issues
US Air Force to purchase 300 Playstation 3s
GameTap Thursday: Batman Returns with Aces of the Pacific (now landing in Port Royale)
Famitsu confirms Disgaea for Nintendo DS in Japan
Full Gran Turismo 5 Prologue vehicle and track list announced
EA rejects 'impossible' collaboration with Jack Thompson
Former ESRB rater dishes on organization
Get the echochrome demo on your PSP
Device converts controller rumble to electric shocks
THQ has spirit with 'All Star Cheer Squad' for Wii, DS
Codemasters readies new action franchise: Damnation
Spore, 'Touch Fighter' shown on iPhone
GarageGames' InstantAction beta open to the public, c'mon in
Guitar Hero III gets Modern Metal, free Dropkick Murphys tunes coming
Sega: We're not interested in a buyout, thanks
PSN Thursday: Rocketmen blast off, Echochrome marches onto Japanese PSN
Microsoft: No Live Anywhere announcements in the immediate future
Sega: Hardcore gamers shouldn't be 'excommunicated' from Wii
Producer admits Tabula Rasa is starting slow
Eurogamer: Lego Indiana Jones dated for Europe June 6
Wax nostalgic over King's Bounty website, screenshots
Insomniac considering new IPs, Ratchet sells a million
Sony, Microsoft 'in talks' over Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive
The Sims 3 wants you to go outside (in the game)
Harrison: Atari is the best opportunity in the industry

Culture & Community
Witness the greatest Animal Crossing cosplay ever
GameStop holding Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, midnight launch events
'Free for All': Our favorite rap song about Smash Bros. Brawl
Romantic gamer proposes with homebrewed Bejeweled

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