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WAR beta update, dark elf-style

Chris Chester

In the latest news from the Warhammer Herald, the Mythic crew updates those unlucky souls still wandering on the outskirts of the Warhammer Online beta on the progress that's been made in live testing over the last several months. The most recent beta push has focused on the down and dirty combat between the High Elves of Ulthuan and their dastardly neighbors to the north, the Dark Elves. The update picks up the perspective of the Dark Elves, and includes some small chunks of lore, specifics on the various Chapters that underwent testing, and some beta journals from those lucky SOBs who got a beta invite.

For my part, I think they've really done a good job of capturing the spirit of the Dark Elves. Whatever your feelings are about witches, worshiping the gods of Chaos, or scantly clad ladies, the overriding drive that unites all Dark Elves is an undying hatred for those haughty, do-nothing fairy-boys, the High Elves. There's just something endearing to me about a race of people whose primary motivation is spite. Only in the Warhammer universe could they pull something like that off.

The update also says that the next phase of testing will focus on Empire and Chaos. Let's hope that once that's done, they'll finally move into guild beta.

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