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Drone Bay podcast starts

Mike Schramm

Our friend CrazyKinux took our advice and named the podcast he's doing with Crovan (of Bitter Old Noob) and Aldresech "The Drone Bay," and episode #1 is up and available for listening right now. On the show, the three guys discuss what they've been up to in the EVE Online universe lately, as well as the Alliance Tournament, and a big rundown of EVE's economic setup (CK's notes can all be found on his site as well). Oh and they also talk about a non-EVE game, which rhymes with Rabula Tasa.

All in all, good show, and definitely seems like it will be a great place to get a weekly podcast fix for EVE Online news. The guys definitely know their stuff, and while audience participation could probably get a little busier (we'll give them a break -- it's their first show), it definitely stays interesting and is perfect for keeping busy during those long mining sessions. Congrats to the guys on starting off running, can't wait to hear more.

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