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Fanboyism extreme: the PS3 tattoo


How much do you love your PS3? Do you love it enough to tattoo it on your body? Mobiletone, a friend of Sony Europe's "semi-official" blog, Threespeech, loves his PS3 so much that he decided to get it tattooed on his arm. In fact, he even made a video. (Presented after the cut.)

"How much do I love my console? I guess this video says it all. It's been nearly a year since the PAL UK launch of the console and I decided to get this tattoo done in honour of what I consider the best console ever made. Love gaming, love women and love life."

This is Living, right? Congrats on your new tattoo, but we're not ready to get our skin inked for the PS3 quite yet. Imagine how much more awesome the PS4 is going to be!

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