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Fanswag: 8th Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway

Dustin Burg

Sad news kids. Today is the final day of our Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway and that means this is your last chance to win Qee (tear). We're sure the majority of you will also be sad to hear that Jedijoe9 won yesterday's Halo 3 Qee giveaway and you didn't. But don't be too mad, Jedijoe9 has great taste in Halo 3 weaponry as his favorite tool of destruction is a Needler. W00t to that.

So, for our final day, we'll be giving away a red Halo 3 Qee which was manufactured by the crew over at Toy2r. Hopefully, by now you know the drill and know that we'll be randomly awarding a red Halo 3 Qee to one lucky fanboy who completes the rules below and gets randomly selected. Oh, and we shouldn't have to tell you that the giveaway ends TODAY at 5:00PM eastern. Ahem, enter by ...
  • This being our last Halo 3 Qee giveaway, we just want to know one simple question. Why should you win? Seriously, why do you think you deserve a red Halo 3 Qee in all its Qee glory? To enter and possibly win today's giveaway, simply comment on this post telling us why you think you deserve to win.
  • One comment per person. Multiple comments by the same user will be disqualified. We'll accept entries until later today, Friday, March 7th at 5:00PM eastern. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • On Monday, March 10th we'll randomly choose and announce one winner.
  • One lucky winner will receive a red Halo 3 Qee valued at $20.
Remember, this is the final Qee giveaway, so be sure to get those entries in and to visit the nice folks over at Toy2r for supplying the Qee. And, of course, the complete giveaway rules can be read over here.

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