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Insider Trader: Rounding up 2.4 professions changes, part 2

Amanda Miller

Last week, we rounded up all of the professions-related changes coming with patch 2.4 for various reagents, mining, blacksmithing, engineering and fishing. If you were feeling left out, have no fear; the rest of the professions are here! From new enchants and gems, to new recipes and craftable gear, every profession is getting a bit of a boost this patch.

Once again, keep in mind that because this is information from the Public Test Realms, the specifics may be changed. If you see a Wowhead tooltip, and I have provided alternate materials next to it, that is because websites like MMO-Champion have since discovered updated information.

Jump through the break to see what's in store for jewelcrafters, enchanters, alchemists, herbalists, cooks, leatherworkers and tailors!

As always, for the details on anything and everything patch 2.4-related, check out our Complete Guide.

Reagents Updates
The mystery surrounding the NPC Shaani has been solved! She will be selling all of the raw epic gems, such as [Crimson Spinel], for 15 badges each.

It seems that Blizzard was thinking ahead when changing spell haste for 2.4. Accompanying the change will be some new recipes and gems to reduce your global cooldown. Many of these recipes will feature the reagents listed above. Because this is information from the PTRs, links and lists here may not match, as I am trying to dig up the most recent information possible.
The following designs will be available from both the Scale of Sands and Shattered Sun Offensive quatermasters.There are also two new metagems on the horizon; [Eternal Earthstorm Diamond] and [Ember Skyfire Diamond].

In addition to these new toys, [Shifting Tanzanite] has been changed, or arguably, nerfed, from granting +strength and +agility to +agility and +stamina. While the stats may balance out, it is likely that the market for this gem will shift.

The Shattered Sun Offensive reputation vendors will also be carrying epic gem cut recipes currently dropped from 25-man raids. If you can currently get it from Black Temple, Mount Hyjal, or through reputation with the Scale of Sands, then you will be able to get them all through the Shattered Sun, at various reputation levels.

Heroic gems will also become non-unique, allowing you to slot more than one of your favorite gem. This is yet another example that Blizzard is preparing for Wrath of the Lich King by allowing casual players to catch up with their gear, namely through crafting.

If you love your BoP crafted trinkets, there will be a few new toys once the patch hits. All will be bind on pick-up, available at revered from the Shattered Sun Offensive quartermaster.
As of March 5th, another mystery has cropped up. A new recipe called for [Brilliant Glass] , a blue quality item that claims there is "something shiny inside." We currently don't know anything more about this other than the materials list for the moment.

From the new Sunwell daily faction vendor comes [Formula: Void Shatter] and [Formula: Enchant Chest - Defense]. Soon, you'll be able to add 15 defense rating to your chest for relatively cheap, with 4 [Eternium Ore] as the only non-enchanting material. In addition, the materials required for [Enchant Shield - Resistance] will be reduced.

MMO-Champion is also reporting two new recipes, [Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost], although the drop location is currently unknown. In fact, it is possible that the pattern has entered the game files early, much like the Tuskarr, and that it will actually be available in a future patch, or even with the expansion. [Enchanting: Enchant Cloak - Steelweave] will permanently enchant a cloak to grant 12 defense rating, and requires the cloak be at least level 35. Recently, we learned that Steelweave will drop from bosses in Heroic Magister's Terrace.

There will be two new sets available, consisting of a pair of BoE gloves and a BoP chest piece, the DPS set utilizing [Spellcloth] and [Shadowcloth], and the healing set using [Primal Mooncloth]. Both sets of gloves will require [Sunmote]s, while the chest pieces will be made from [Primal Nether]s, according to MMO-Champion.

Using their materials list, here is a summary of what you will require to craft each set.

The Sunfire set (DPS):
The Eternal Light set (healing):
If you have extra cloth laying around, you might want to begin trading for the cloth you will need in order to make either of these sets. If you don't have extra cloth, you might want to start weaving, buying, and making deals now!

Are you still behind, and need to drive your tailoring skill up to 375? We have some methods for accomplishing this quickly and cost-effectively.

Being a gathering profession, herbalism is not changing drastically this patch. [Ancient Lichen] currently has a chance to drop a green jewelry piece, but after patch 2.4, it will instead randomly drop a [Fel Lotus]. When herbing [Felweed], [Dreaming Glory], [Ragveil], and [Flame Cap]s, you are more likely to find a [Fel Lotus] included in your loot.

In fact, when herbing Outland creatures, wherever [Black Lotus] used to drop, [Fel Lotus] will now drop. Considering that this relatively rare herb will now be slightly more common, these changes should also help out the casual players trying to play catch-up to the raiders, although the monetary value of [Fel Lotus] will likely decrease.

Alchemy is actually getting a few new toys in patch 2.4. [Gift of Arthas] will now stack to 20, which might save a bag/blank spot or two. Personally, I think it would be nicer if potions stacked to 20, but that's another discussion.

Alchemists will see four new alchemy stones, as epic trinkets that are bind on pick-up, according to MMO-Champion. All of them require at least 350 skill in alchemy. Each of the trinkets will increase the effect of healing and mana potions by 40%, although the effect will not stack, along with one other unique equip effect:
[Recipe: Transmute Arcanite] is having its cooldown removed. While this will undoubtedly increase the supply of [Arcanite], and free up some spaces for other transmutes, the price of [Arcanite] will likely fall, allowing crafting recipes that require it to be more easily used. Engineers leveling their profession should especially benefit from this change.

Like jewelcrafters, you alchemists might want to investigate what Mar'nah and Shaani have up their sleeves!

As with the new sets for tailors and blacksmithers, leatherworkers will also be seeing not two, but four new sets in patch 2.4, all consisting of one chest piece and one pair of gloves. There will be one healing and one DPS set for both mail and leather. While the chest pieces are BoP, the gloves are BoE. Again, using MMO-Champion's updated lists, the stats and materials are as follows:

Leather "Of the Sun" set, featuring spell haste and healing bonuses:
Leather DPS set:
Mail Sun-Drenched Scale healing set:
Mail "of the Phoenix" set:If you haven't been saving stacks of leather and scales, you might want to head out before the patch drops and start skinning. If you don't skin, then start looking for deals, and if you skin but never took up leatherworking, then start putting up your [Heavy Knothide Leather], [Fel Hide], [Wind Scales] and [Nether Dragonscales] for sale.

There will be a few new cooking recipes that come along with patch 2.4. [Charred Bear Kabobs] and [Juicy Bear Burgers] will be purchasable from either Bale for the Horde, or Malygen for the Alliance in Felwood. Both will require a minimum 250 skill in cooking in order to learn, and utilize meat from the level 48-56 bears.

Apparently the intent here is to help players level their cooking skill from 250 to 300 without having to also level fishing. Aside from that, I vote that +14 to your damage and healing done by magical spells and effects at level 45 is not too shabby.

We are also going to see the introduction of resistance foods, with [Broiled Bloodfin] now awarding +8 resistance to all schools of magic, rather than the previous stamina and spirit increase. Whether or not this will actually replace other food buffs for raiders is difficult to say.

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