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MobiTV taking legal action against HowardForums, should instead be spending that money improving its security

Chris Ziegler

For most Engadget Mobile readers -- and certainly all Engadget Mobile editors -- HowardForums is a daily, if not an hourly read. It's one of the few sites we simply cannot imagine living without, and we'd like to think that most companies in the industry feel the same way because it gives everyone an opportunity to connect, share news and ideas, solve problems, and just generally bro out in a way that no other forum serving the mobile community really does. It seems that an utter lack of security protecting MobiTV's pay streams has been called out on HoFo, and rather than deal with it, the company is taking the easy way out by hassling Howard with a DMCA claim and is currently threatening to contact his host and get the site taken down by force. Little problem with that, though: there was nothing to decrypt, hack, or break, because MobiTV's stream is exposed as simple URL with no protection whatsoever. HowardForums, we wish you the best of luck; fight the good fight. MobiTV, guys, honestly, divert some of this cash to making your product suck less.

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