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Neuromonics Oasis quiets the ring in your ears, won't stop the voices


Do you have a constant, annoying ringing in your ears? If you're like us, you probably suffer from at least a mild form of tinnitus. Whether it's from exposure to massive jet engines, or just listening to Reign in Blood one too many times, you probably wish there was some way to stop the incessant noise. Well, a company called Neuromonics may be able to help, using an audio player which alternates a mixture of white noise and music to train your brain to ignore the ringing. The player gradually reduces the level of the white noise, and after six months of treatment, patients can use the device as needed. This kind of relief doesn't come for free, however, as counseling and the unit will cost you $3,000 to $6,000, and you probably won't be able to get your insurance to pay for it.

[Via Medgadget]

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