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On safari with Amazing Animals


Amazing Animals may sound like another slice of god-awful Wii shovelware, but the first screens hint at something more promising. Based on a Japanese TV show about animal tricks, Amazing Animals (or Doubutsu Kisou Tengai as it's known in its homeland) sees players don their best khaki and take to the plains of a freshly discovered, totally uncharted island near to Japan, accompanied by a robot as a guide (visible in the screens after the break).

Things become a bit murky from this point onwards, though Siliconera recently speculated that photography could be involved, or that players become the animals in a series of minigames. That last one sounds a little too close to Wild Earth: African Safari for our liking, and there's only room for one totally ludicrous animal-themed minigame series in our collection! Follow the post-break trail for more shots.

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