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Patch for buggy Bully on 360 coming next week


Rockstar's been awfully apologetic about the game-breaking bugs and glitches present in the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition (as they should be). In the latest public apology, a Rockstar Games representative is promising a fix within the next week, in the form of a title update via Xbox Live.

The patch will likely fix the audio glitches, framerate stutters, and full-on crashes that have plagued the 360 version, yet have been entirely absent from the Wii version. It is unknown at this time whether Rockstar also intends to offer a disc replacement plan for 360 owners without access to Live (similar to Activision's replacement plan for Guitar Hero III on the Wii). We'll let you know when the buggy Bully patch is finally made available.

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