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Student-developed titles hit Japan's Download Stations


From late next week, every DS owner in Japan will have totally free access to the first of four student-developed titles. That's because the games in question were originally created under the watchful eye of Nintendo, which is now releasing these at DS Download Stations around Japan. Each game will be available for a fortnight, before sadly disappearing into the ether for ... well, ever.

What's really striking about these is their apparent quality -- if you had told us the above shot was taken from a game developed at a professional studio, we'd have totally believed you (in actual fact, it's from Wakerai no Heya Tsuzuki, a touchscreen horror game)! Equally intriguing is Nan de Momo Koko Yasan, which equips players with a "magical paintbrush" with which to color objects. The other titles are Kiki Master and Watashi no Otochabako.

It's almost a certainty that we'll never play these ourselves, but we'd love to see a similar initiative happening over here. Tap the youthful minds of the U.S., Nintendo!

[Via Siliconera]

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