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Today in Joystiq: March 7, 2008

Ross Miller

This Edge Magazine cover from November 2006 (via 3ndo) brings us great memories. It also reminds us that many of these characters have been MIA for quite some time (RIP, Manny Calavera). Check out the highlights for today:

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New book seeks to clear up game violence debate
Midway loses $100 million to the ether in 2007
Konami, Jericho devs working on something for PS3, Xbox 360
No in-game ads in Starcraft 2
Throwback signs new execs, still has nothing to show for it
Get double XP from some Halo 3 playlists
Lost Planet: Colonies achievements leaked, more info coming soon
Legendary gameplay footage reeks of promise
Turning Point is too 'high concept' for reviewers, says CEO
Microsoft's Steve Ballmer talks Blu-ray support
Video: Spore on the iPhone
Another PSP Phone patent appears, with touchscreen and feedback
Infogrames offers to buy rest of Atari stock
India's Xbox 360 boss leaving in April
Patch for buggy Bully on 360 coming next week
NIS wastes little time, announces Disgaea DS for North America
Nyko's Zero Wireless PS3 controller wins race to rumble ... or does it?

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: 20GB Xbox 360 is out, 60GB is in

Culture & Community
Gerstmann's next thing: Giant Bomb
New gamerpics are a teabag full of insipidness

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