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Game Developer Research releases "Top 50 Developers 2008" report

Much like the average review score report released earlier this week, we're sure that the report we're about to discuss will serve as ammunition for many a fanboy feud in the coming months -- Game Developer Research (a branch of Game Developer Magazine which was created in hopes of bringing a "new level of empirical measurement" to the gaming market) recently released their "Top 50 Developers 2008" report. Sadly, Backbone Emeryville, the artisanal minds behind last year's XBLA sleeper hit Yaris, didn't make the cut.

Basing their rankings on sales figures, prolificacy, average review scores, and results from over 700 surveys issued to industry suits, GDR's list seems to be the most well-founded developer ranking we've ever seen (though Yarisians would probably disagree). We've got the whole list after the jump -- aren't you curious how your faves placed?

1. Nintendo
2. Infinity Ward
3. Blizzard Entertainment
4. EA Canada
5. Valve
6. Konami Japan Studio
7. Insomniac Games
8. Capcom Osaka
9. EA Tiburon
10. Bioware Edmonton
11. Bungie
12. Ubisoft Montreal
13. 2K Boston / 2K Australia
14. Harmonix
15. Bandai Namco Games
16. Square Enix
17. Game Freak
18. Epic Games
19. Hudson Soft
20. Neversoft Entertainment
21. EA Redwood Shores
22. Crytek
23. Nintendo EAD Tokyo
24. EA Los Angeles
25. Realtime Worlds
26. Bethesda Softworks
27. Naughty Dog
28. SCE Studios Santa Monica
29. EA Black Box
30. Turn 10 Studios
31. Traveller's Tales
32. Relic Entertainment
33. Beenox
34. Level 5
35. Tose
36. Codemasters
37. Maxis
38. Pawapuro Production
39. EA UK Studio
40. Firaxis
41. Amaze Entertainment
42. Massive Entertainment
43. Retro Studios
44. Sega of Japan
45. Sports Interactive
46. Tecmo
47. Sumo Digital
48. Crystal Dynamics
49. Obsidian Entertainment
50. Big Huge Games

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