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Shacknews pulls mean/awesome prank on one of its own

We direct your attention to the heartbreaking tale of Shacknews editor Christopher Faylor (pictured above). With his head still spinning from the breathtaking sights and sounds of the Game Developers Conference, he received a call from Lionhead Studios rep Judith Warner to set up an interview with the elusive Peter Molyneux. With frenzied excitement, he scribbled down the stipulations for the exclusive meeting -- he'd have to avoid all mention of Black and White 2, bring a $50 - $100 souvenir, and, of course, come wearing a pink shirt.

If Faylor weren't so blinded by raw exuberance, he probably would have realized he was on the receiving end of a vicious Punk'ding, courtesy of fellow Shacknewser, Nick Breckon, whose malevolent design can be witnessed in its entirety on Shacknews' recording of the pre-interview phone call. As bad as we feel for the undoubtedly crushed Faylor, we can guarantee you will find no purer source of ROFLs any time soon. At least, not until Faylor's equally sinister retribution.

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