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World of Noobcraft, the 2.4 debate

Chris Chester

With the changes comes to World of Warcraft in 2.4, many of the hardcore raiders out there have begun wailing once more. Blizzard has removed the attunement requirements for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple, two of the most difficult 25-man raid encounters in the game, and also introduced new gear comparable to what can be found in those raids that you can purchase with badges from heroics. To some, this is tantamount to a whole new kind of "welfare epic" and demeans the accomplishments of the game's elite.

As Ron at Gaming Today points out, this is exactly the kind of attitude that turns so many people off of MMOs in the first place. A tiny segment of the population, which considers itself the "core" of the developer's audience, raises a big stink because they feel they'll be losing some of their elite status. What they fail to realize is that Blizzard doesn't have a vested interest in their egos, and they would rather more people see the wonderful content that they've spent so much time laboring over. I never really got into the TBC end-game myself, but I'd consider getting back into the game knowing that the barrier for entry has been lowered. The system works!

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