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More European price drop news


We reported previously on a European retailer advertising the 360 price drop and here we are reporting on another article about the very same thing, and this time it appears to carry a bit more weight. The Financial Times Deutschland has an exclusive on this, claiming that the official prices of the units will drop from 280 and 349 Euro, to 199 and 299 Euro. Now assuming that a fairly well known financial reporting body such as the Financial Times Deutschland isn't lying, this could be a huge for the European 360 market. It would allow the Arcade unit to undercut the cost of the Wii by a good 50 Euro, which is a bullet point that was almost undoubtedly taken into account, and it would leave the 360 well ahead of the PS3's current European MSRP. It seems the only thing we're waiting on with this one is the final confirmation from Microsoft.

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