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PC Gamer previews Age of Conan

PC Gamer (part of the CVG network) has just released their preview of Funcom's Age of Conan: Hyborean Adventures. It is packed full of tasty observations, screenshots, and interesting details about this eagerly anticipated MMO. While we knew some parts of it already (the conversational choices with NPCs affecting your standing with them) other parts were interesting to hear about. We're most interested in the work of the 8 dedicated quest-writers, working hard to fulfill the promise of staying true to the books that we've heard so much about. Apparently they've cranked out 800 quests for launch! Someone order these guys a pizza and a frosty adult beverage for writing approximately 100 quests a piece -- and for trying to do it without using the "kill x things" mechanic.

When you couple this with the other great write-ups we've seen and the statement at the very end: "The open beta starts any moment now" we can honestly say we're more than ready to go Barbarian! Anytime you want to hook us up with some of that sweet, sweet beta love Funcom, we'll be here.

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