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HD DVD and Blu-ray releases on March 11th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

HD DVD had quite a run there for the past three weeks, but now it's over as Blu-ray has an impressive list of new releases and catalog titles. The biggest title this week is easily No Country for Old Men, with its impressive 8.5 IMDB score, and sweeping the Academy Awards a few weeks ago taking just about everything including Best Picture. From our perspective this is one of the best weeks for catalog titles Blu-ray has had in some time, with classics like Gattaca, Dogma and Independence Day. But HD DVD fans do get a good catalog title this week as well, as the hilarious Fletch is released from Universal. This is Universal's second to last title, with Atonement coming out next week. HD DVD was supposed to also get the Bee Movie today, but we know how Dreamworks rolls. Warner, who is the exact opposite continues its red-delay, but like we saw in last week's Nielsen numbers, not many are rewarding Warner for its dedication. We'll have to wait until the Friday after next to see how this slate does, but we'd bet it'll break all the records as Blu might get it's first +90 percent share.

HD DVD 407 vs Blu-ray 471*

* Blu-ray total does not reflect 32 Paramount titles that were previously officially available.

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