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IOGEAR's PCPortal remote desktop KVM is a little less virtual


Remote desktop clients are great for those one-in-a-million scenarios when your computer is working well enough to connect to the internet and run a remote desktop app, but still requires technical assistance. In contrast, IOGEAR gives IT types full control from boot with the spendy-but-useful PCPortal GCN1000. The internet-connected KVM switch is completely hardware-based, meaning the computer you're controlling needs no working operating system to be taken control of, and IT people have about as much control over the remote PC as they would if sitting directly in front of it. You can also plug the GCN1000 into regular KVM switches to manage multiple computers remotely, as well as use the Virtual Media port to give remote users data straight from whatever's plugged into the USB port. Unfortunately, all this hotness comes at a cost: the GCN1000 is available now for $500.

[Via Blast]

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