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Microsoft claims 42% of 'next-gen' revenue


The Xbox 360 is winning the console war, or at least it is according to Microsoft. Speaking to MCV, the vice-president of Microsoft's European Interactive Entertainment division stated that the company was generating 42% of the revenue from the current generation of console and game sales.

The announcement comes at the same time as the price-drop for the 360 SKUs in Europe, which VP Chris Lewis feels was only possible after securing a sizable hold on the market. The market revenue figures are based on sales of consoles, games, peripherals, and online services like Xbox Live, and only figure in the current generation of video games (the continued strong sales of PS2 software, for example, are not included). Worldwide, Microsoft also claims an installed user base of 17.7 million, though no word if that number accounts for red-ringed consoles.

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