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No more Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway

Dustin Burg

Don't get your panties in an excitement bundle, we are not doing a surprise Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway today as Friday was indeed the last day of our eight day giveaway. Sorry guys. But we just wanted to inform you that Kenny was Friday's lucky winner and will be doubling his Qee collection in the process. We also wanted to thank all of you, our loyal X3F readers, for supporting the site and giveaways by entering each and every day. Hopefully we can give out oodles and oodles of free swag in the months to come. We should also send one final (and ginormous) thank you to the crew over at Toy2r for being overly generous with their Qee donations and support as well. Jump on over to their site and see what (smashing monkey) goodies you can find. Thanks everyone!

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