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Sprint Mogul getting the EV-DO Rev. A treatment, as promised


Here's a treat from HTC and Sprint to lighten those Monday blues: the Sprint Mogul, built by HTC, is getting a software update to bump the phone's data connection up to EV-DO Rev. A, roughly doubling current download speeds, and really boosting uploads. This makes the Mogul the first phone in the States to hit Rev. A speeds, and should make the $199 phone quite the attractive option for modem usage when an ExpressCard would be just too darn convenient. Only problem is that when Sprint and HTC promised this update in back November, they also said GPS would be a part of the package -- and just such a ROM was leaked in January. We're not sure what happened to that feature, but we'll try not to look a gift horse in the mouth for the time being.

Update: Turns out GPS is indeed included in this update, as confirmed by Sprint.

[Thanks, Joel P.]

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