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Bluebird shows off Pidion BM-350 at CeBIT

Chris Ziegler

Bluebird's one of those manufacturers we don't hear a heck of a lot from, but it warms our heart to hear that they're alive, well, and equipped with fresh wares that were demoed at CeBIT last week. The latest device in its Pidion series is the BM-350, looking a heck of a lot cleaner than the BM-500 we saw at last year's show and reasonably equipped with HSDPA, 1.3 megapixel primary and VGA secondary cams, Bluetooth, WiFi, microSD expansion, the all-too-typical QVGA touchscreen, integrated GPS and FM radio, and a healthy dose of Windows Mobile 6. Unfortunately, the rumored asking price of €500 (about $769) seems way too high for the spec sheet, so it looks Bluebird might just be doomed to anonymity for another year.

[Via PHONE Magazine and NaviGadget]

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