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HungryFlix touts Apple TV compatibility

Steven Kim

Online movie distributor HungryFlix recently bumped up their maximum file size to 1-GB and made it clear that part of the motivation was the growing demand for HD video from both content creators and consumers. No surprise, then, that the company is also hopping on board the train that is Apple TV, touting compatibility with the little box. Okay, we'll bite -- HungryFlix's download model (as opposed to streaming) is a good fit for these kinds of devices, especially as the Amazon S3 storage system doesn't provide for any sort of edge- or peer-networking needed for HD streaming. But that 1-GB cap is going to seriously restrict the length of MPEG4-encoded HD offerings (or worse yet, picture quality), and we'd really like to see a more integrated solution. Still, we're all for giving independent HD content creators a way to keep things indie, and HungryFlix's pricing structure is attractive, too. Let's hope this catches on in large enough numbers to grow the service beyond its best fit for now -- portables.

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