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iPhone parental controls?

Cory Bohon

The iPhone Dev Team seems to have stumbled across a hidden feature in the next version of the iPhone firmware. The picture is reminiscent of the iPhone SDK "Organizer" that shows the currently connected iPhone. However, something that's different from the screenshots that we posted is the "Console," "Crash Logs," and "Screenshot" tabs at the top of the window.

The screenshot shows a "Parental Controls" setting inside the "General" iPhone settings. It looks as though you can enable these parental controls and turn on or off:

  • Playing explicit songs in iPod
  • Website control in Safari
  • YouTube control
  • iTunes Wi-Fi Store control
  • AppStore control
According to a recent post on the Modmyifone Forum, this is a version of the firmware that was distributed with the SDK (version 1.2) which the forum post seems to believe will be re-issued as firmware 2.0. The forum post also goes on to say that the firmware is jailbroken; however, this has not been confirmed.

[via iPhone Dev Team]

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