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Novastrike shooting up PSN in Q2 '08


Independent developer Tiki Games has announced a refreshing return to good old-fashioned xenophobia in Novastrike, a top-down arcade shooter that dispenses with all the diplomatic, lovey-dovey pleasantries we've recently exhibited towards extra-terrestrials. Scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation Network during 2008's second quarter, Novastrike will have you annihilating aliens (the "Draelus," in this round) across seven "expansive challenging stages." As you might expect, you'll be able to terminate the intergalactic immigrants with the aid of upgradeable weaponry and a host of friendly fighters, bombers and useful-sounding destroyers.

Considering the glut of omni-directional shooters currently clouding our digitally distributed sky, we hope Novastrike can at least match the genre's top dogfighters. Make it like that one with the colorful shapes, or the one with the asteroids, please.

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