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Oppo's DV-983H upconverting DVD deck marks the end of the line

Steven Kim

If you like to hang on until hardware tech is EOL-ed (End of Life) maximally polished to jump in, now may be the time for you to score a DVD player. The Oppo DV-983H upscaling DVD player announced last week is now officially available. Oppo's going out with a bang, for sure -- the unit has some good looking specs, especially the built in Anchor Bay (a.k.a DVDO) VRS processing. But what's more significant is a bit of info we gleaned from the PR email accompanying the DV-983H release: the unit is the last DVD player that Oppo will be making. The company that made its name in upscaling DVD is moving whole hog into something else, and we're all-in on a Blu-ray spinner. Bring it on, Oppo! Full PR email after the jump.

OPPO Digital Unleashes Flagship Up-Converting DVD Player

Oppo Digital, manufacturers of award-winning up-converting DVD player announced their latest and last up-converting player w/the DV-983H. The DV-983H is OPPO's flagship up-converting player going for $399 with the following features:

  • 7.1 Channel Audio
  • 1080p full resolution HD
  • Anchor Bay's latest VRS
  • RS 232
  • IR in/out ports
For more on the 983, visit: If you have any questions, let me know.

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