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Penny Arcade obsesses over echochrome


We'd like to give a big shout-out to our friends at Penny Arcade. Their most recent comic is about the reality-bending PSP/PS3 title, echochrome. After trying out the downloadable demo hosted by PSP Fanboy (thanks for the links, guys), the duo had to share their latest obsession. echochrome is but one of many reasons why they've been in love with the PSP: "The system has been on a roll for awhile now, even if the common wisdom hasn't really caught up to the fact. If you like traditional or tactical RPGs, it's practically become the destination of choice. It's been delivering on its technical promise fairly dependably, and I can vouch for a lot of the content, but I still wonder if people in general want games of this sophistication in their pocket."

Well, we're pretty sure the readers of this site want the best possible gaming experience on the go.

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