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Sneak a peek at Eternity's Child [update]

Candace Savino

If you're not facing a Wii Ware video overload from this morning, you might be interested in checking out the one embedded above, which shows some gameplay for Eternity's Child.

We've raved a lot about this game, mostly because of its gorgeous art style. The video showcases the unique and beautiful look of Eternity's Child well, and also presents us with a taste of what sounds like a great soundtrack. Yet, when it comes to gameplay, the title looks a little bare. Granted, this is only a thirty second video and Eternity's Child is still a work in progress, but it left us feeling unsatisfied, especially since we've been looking forward to this game.

Our anticipation for this Wii Ware title might have fallen a bit, but how about you? Did this first look at the game make you more or less excited for Eternity's Child?

[Update: The YouTube video was taken down. If you still want to video footage of the game, though, you can find the same clip here.]

[Via Destructoid]

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