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This is skin art: more PS3 tattoos

Majed Athab

Remember that story we ran a few days ago about the PS3 tattoo? Well apparently, that wasn't the first. That honor goes to SCEE employee Omar Siu who said he got his "This is Living" art piece (as seen above) on Decemeber 22, 2007. Undoubtedly, both Omar's and Mobiletone's tattoos are equally fanboyish and are full of win. We salute you guys!

Omar isn't the only one who sent in pictures of PS-themed tattoos, Marc Blair also shared his tattoo of a wired Dualshock controller. Technically not PS3, but still awesome nonetheless. While we love these PS3 inspired artworks, won't someone please send in a Blu-ray inspired tattoo?! You know, to commemorate Blu-ray winning over HD DVD. Anyway we might not get those Blu-ray tats, so just have a look at Marc's skin art and another pic of Omar's tattoo after the break.

Omar getting his tattoo done:

Marc's tattoo:

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