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Brash working with Folklore dev on film-based game

Jason Dobson

Grab your popcorn! Film-focused game studio Brash has inked a deal with the Folklore and Genji devs at Game Republic for a game based on, you guessed it, an upcoming Hollywood movie. The announcement follows Brash's recent critically-panned game adaptation of Jumper, as well as confirmed plans by the company to bring gore-porn series Saw to consoles in '09.

Having Game Republic on board does give us a modicum of hope that things will turn out at least playable, with 20-year industry vet Yoshiki Okamoto of Street Fighter II and Resident Evil fame throwing his weight behind the project. Neither studio has let slip exactly which movie will be the victim recipient of the adaptation, however, stating only that it will be based on a "popular" film based in "an incredible fantasy world," and will be released sometime in 2010.

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