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Carphone Warehouse floats August 2008 for Nokia N96 launch


Yeah, we know, this one's a pretty monstrous stretch, but we are so stoked about Nokia's N96 that we figured you'd be just as happy as we are to get some news -- and by news, we mean hopeful rumor. Well the folks at the Carphone Warehouse Insider page have plopped the N96 in all its black glossy glory on the watch list and the date they've set for release is August 2008. Sure, this could slip forward, back, or even get canned, but we'll take what we can get as a tentative date is hair better than no date, right friends? Place your release date bets down in the comments section and the closest to the real deal will get a hardy pat on the back coupled with a rousing thumbs-up.

[Via Trustedreviews]

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