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Fatal Inertia won't stay dead; makes an appearence on ESRB website

Jem Alexander

We thought we'd heard the last of Fatal Inertia after problems with the Unreal Engine 3 forced it to be delayed indefinitely for the PS3. Though it was originally pegged as a PS3 exclusive an Xbox 360 version was released to a fairly mediocre reception. It was assumed that that would be the last of the futuristic racing game, but we were wrong. A new entry has appeared on the ESRB website for Fatal Inertia EX for the PS3.

We guess the fact that the name has been updated (notice the extra "EX") that this will be an improved version of the game that shipped on the 360. Even so, we're not interested. Koei are insane if they think that this game is going to be able to compete with WipEout HD. Too little too late, Koei. Save yourself the effort and nip this in the bud right now. We don't want it.

[Via Joystiq]

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