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Sorry, but Lost Planet: Colonies is Lost Planet redux [Updated]

Justin McElroy

We and our dear friends the internet have been doing a fair amount of speculation about what the recently-rated Lost Planet: Colonies could be. The most popular theory? A sequel to Capcom's third person action hit. The least popular? Ritchie's theory that it's an action game featuring Julianna Margulies as a by-the-book cop and Queen Latifah as her sassy sidekick. Now, the real word has come from Capcom via Famitsu and Ritchie got it wrong ... but so did the rest of us. Lost Planet: Colonies is a spruced up version of Lost Planet. Lost Planet 1.5, if you will.

The revamp will have a new female playable character, a new online mode that pits bugs versus humans and includes Xbox 360 and PC cross-platform play. (We don't know what that means for the PS3. Seems there won't be a PS3 version.) That info, it should be noted, checks out for the Japanese version, but we don't yet know the specifics of the North American version. We're assuming it won't be too far off though.

So, what do you think, are you ready to buy Lost Planet again?

UPDATE: Xbox 360 Fanboy has more features from LP:C including:
  • 4 New maps, 2 of which are possibly a city and a desert
  • New Female Playable Character
  • Ten New weapons
  • New Monsters
  • Trial Battle and Score Attack modes for the campaign bosses

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