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Sprint re-launches LG Rumor, this time with more green

Chris Ziegler

Between the Scoop and Rumor spectrums, Sprint has managed to find a color that LG's affordable text machine has yet to feature: green. The features carry over from its black and white stablemates -- yes, including the lack of EV-DO -- but the green model gets to revel in the clever St. Patrick's Day tie-in, which Sprint really plays up in its press release. Some of our favorite groaners:
  • "Sham-rock it out with the built-in MP3 player"
  • "Take pictures of...a Leprechaun sighting using the 1.3MP camera"
  • "Check your stock quotes to see if you are 'in the green'"
  • "Avoid getting pinched for not wearing green just by carrying the new Rumor by LG"
Yeah, you get the idea. Get the latest Rumor shade in a box of Lucky Charms in the Sprint store of your choosing for $49.99 on a two-year contract after rebates.

[Thanks, Ryan G.]

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