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Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: Rescue

Chris Jahosky

Every Wednesday, Chris Jahosky brings you another page of Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn, a WoW webcomic you'll find only on WoW Insider!

It's been almost a month since the last installment of Tales, and I'm very sorry for the delay. About a month ago, my old computer died, taking a good chunk of the comic with it. I've since recovered, and I have a new computer, so Tales will resume it's normal Wednesday updates. As a peace offering, I've made a new wallpaper based on one of today's panels. It's 1920x1200, and you can find it here. Enjoy!

As for the comic, you can view today's page by clicking the image above, or browse to it from the gallery below if you need a small refresher. Looks like Kat arrived with help just in time to save Byron!

Note: When going to the gallery page, click on the HI RES button in the upper left of the screen to see a full sized version of the image.

Gallery: Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn | 15 Photos

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