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Today in Joystiq: March 12, 2008

Ross Miller

A broken Nintendo 64 spray painted gold with spray painted figures on top of it became a trophy for a private Smash Bros Brawl tournament between a group of Gamestop employees (including Joystiq reader Matt). It's a great trophy, but what game cartridge did they destroy to make it? Check out the highlights for today:

EIEIO 2008
EIEIO 08: Hands-on with Legendary
EIEIO 08: Section 8 details fall from the sky
EIEIO 08: Velvet Assassin actually dressed in leather

Gripes and Glees: One week with Smash Bros. Brawl
Law of the Game on Joystiq: Shareholder Deriva-what?
Metareview: Condemned 2 (PS3, 360)
Reminder: Win a $100 InstantAction account
The best of WoW Insider: March 5-11, 2008
Today's most retro hack: Four-player Ocarina of Time
Wii Fanboy Weekly: Mar. 6 - Mar. 12

Harmonix sues Activision, then withdraws suit to talk
Play N Trade holding national Guitar Hero III competition March 15
Digitally pop bubble wrap with WiiWare
Mario Kart Wii snakes into stores April 27
Ken Levine will be involved with BioShock 2
Sorry, but Lost Planet: Colonies is Lost Planet redux
EB: Play Haze for a week, then get your money back
Whew, Dead Space will let you pause after all
Brash working with Folklore dev on film-based game
Brain fitness software market is very fit
Chinese Olympics web site accused of game piracy
God of War II's Cory Barlog teams with 'Mad Max' filmmaker George Miller
EA explains Army of Two's regional lockout
Motorstorm sequel gears up for Fall release
Mass Effect II will have 'richer' side quests
Street Fighter II HD beta bundled with Commando 3
Atari uses Steam for digital distribution
ESRB lists 'Fatal Inertia EX' for PS3
Activision files lawsuit after Gibson claims Guitar Hero patent
Assault Heroes 2 blows up XBLA this Spring

Rumors & Speculation
WSJ: Strong PS3 projections makes Sony stock a "bargain"
Analyst: Iron Man film could suffer from GTA IV release
Rumor: Obsidian unveils 'Alpha Protocol,' a spy-focused action RPG
Pachter: GTA IV could sell 9 million units by Halloween

Culture & Community
Zero Punctuation doesn't find paradise in Burnout

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