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Verizon's Samsung Glyde gets even clearer

Chris Ziegler

We're thanking our lucky stars MobiTV didn't manage to shut down HowardForums on this particular day. Why? The best shots yet of Samsung's imminent U940 Glyde for Verizon have emerged over there, and we think a boatload of viewers are going to like what they see. The touchy, feely interface is pretty much what we'd expected to find, but perhaps most importantly, the visuals confirm that the U940 will in fact sport a true HTML browser, putting to rest fears brought about originally by some poor verbiage in the Glyde's draft manual provided to the FCC suggesting that it'd do no better than WAP. Who's getting excited about this one? Any jaded Voyager owners out there looking to sidegrade?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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