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Corning considers the color of its crystal, chooses TV glass

Steven Kim

If you ask folks around Engadget HD to name a luxurious work of art, chances are you'll hear something like "Samsung LN70F91BD." Outside these walls, though, if you ask around a crowd of a more wine-and-cheese bent, you might get a response like "Verre de Soie Steuben Vase." Those two worlds have Corning glass in common, at least for a little while longer. On one hand, Corning is the largest supplier of glass substrates for flat panel displays. On the other, it also has a long history (since 1903) of glass artisanship in its Steuben brand. Times being what they are, though, Steuben is losing money and the flat panel display glass business accounts for about half of the company's sales, with growth expected to rise along with LCD's fortunes. Sadly, Corning is looking at either selling off Steuben or closing it down. We're hoping a buyer is found; as much as we love our TVs, we'd hate to see them associated with the end of artwork we've seen in the Corning Museum of Glass.

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