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Microsoft predicts 'hollow victory' for PS3 in Feb/Mar


Every company has to put some spin on the monthly NPD numbers. But this month, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg is taking a preemptive strike. NPD numbers will come out later this today, and already Microsoft is trash-talking the PS3. "Our expectation is that because of our shortages at retail during February, we will sell less than PS3," he told Next Gen. "That's not a surprise to us. I don't know what Sony's reaction will be to that, but it will definitely be a bit of a hollow victory. The competition sure didn't show up [in February]."

However, it looks like MS is also conceding March figures as well, saying that their so-called supply issues will be rectified in April. "By April, we will be in a very healthy inventory situation," he told Reuters. This is a crucial month for both console manufacturers, as the release of Grand Theft Auto IV will certainly stir up the charts. Will Xbox 360's exclusive DLC make an impact on console sales?

Greenberg then further puts the PS3 in doubt, and its use of Blu-ray. "I can tell you that we're not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-ray disc association regarding integrating Blu-ray to the Xbox 360 experience," Greenberg says. "And we don't know what will happen to Blu-ray. Is it the next DVD, or the next UMD? Your guess is as good as ours ... we don't expect [Blu-ray's win] to give a boost to PS3 sales, and we don't expect it to impact our sales. Frankly, we think it's the games that sell the consoles."

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