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Motorola's Stu Reed rides golden parachute out of burning mothership

Chris Ziegler

There's really nothing funny about Motorola's dire position in the mobile landscape -- a landscape it once dominated -- but there is something just a little funny about Stu Reed's ginormous benefit package. It seems the bizarro world of heavily starched white shirts and executive doublespeak is a very different world than the one we live in, seeing how the just-canned Mobile Devices chief gets a hearty helping of $1.5 million just for doing Moto the common courtesy of not suing it on his way out the door. What about suing Stu Reed for turning Motorola from a powerhouse into an also-ran, hmm? Oh, and in case that seven-figure payout doesn't cover the gardener's expenses, not too worry -- the dude gets to keep drawing his salary for the remainder of the year, along with any bonuses and stock incentives he'd have otherwise gotten for strong '08 performance. We wouldn't count on that one, ol' Stu, boy.

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